Current Skill Leaders

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Current Skill Leaders

Post by LangTogether on Wed Nov 25, 2015 4:45 am

Skill Leaders:

These are noncombat skills, meant to encourage diversity in high levels abilities.

Skill Leaders in Indigo are Primary Skill Leaders and resources for that skill (if skill specific) funnel directly through that user.

Skill Leaders in Orange are Secondary Skill Leaders and resources can be funneled to that user if directed to by Primary Skill Leader.

Skills in Green do not have a Primary OR Secondary Skill Leader, and need one.

Agility: Undeclared.

Construction: Undeclared.

Cooking: LangTogether

Crafting: RhysTogether

Farming: OnlyTogether

Firemaking: Undeclared

Fishing: LangTogether

Fletching: BestTogether

Herblore: OnlyTogether

Hunter: Undeclared

Magic: Undeclared

Mining: TeebTogether

Runecrafting: BestTogether

Smithing: TeebTogether

Theiving: Undeclared.

Woodcutting: Undeclared.


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